Marcie: rock solid delivery and able to get through ponderous amounts of copy error free… She will afford an incredibly efficient recording session… Spanish language as well …Listen closely and imagine network affiliate.

Gene: Smoooothe… Sums it up. Great credentials and will not waste your time in a session. He is a full-time pro in the voice over business.

Kira: Youthful and convincing and takes her craft seriously. If you know Anime you have likely heard her performances.

Lyssa: Fluid delivery impeccable accuracy… Are likely some of the criteria that make her so popular in the audio book genre.

Brad: Polished voice that can bridge generations… Right at home with the 25 to 45 demo. Think conversational morning drive-time. He can explain it or sell it!

Wendy: Is polished , articulate and speaks English as it was intended. You will feel like you’re listening to the BBC.

Luci.: From Bubbly to serious explanations… friendly and convincing… a well-known Anime presence… Long formats taken in stride.

Eileen.:Respected actor that ably delivers characterizations as well as believable explanations.

Ernesto: Resonant and Melodious Spanish… Think network presence.





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