Jim Bratton has focused on delivering quality narration for industrial applications. He has developed an efficient workflow that is responsive to clients changing needs.

As customers have expressed interest in utilizing additional voices Jim has assembled an ensemble of professional narrators representing a cross-section of vocal styles. The team includes seasoned professionals as well as relative novices that all share a commitment to professionalism, consistency and dependability.

Below is a list and brief description of Jim’s as well as other professionals that can be utilized on narrations. You’ll find their samples on your collaborative page.

And… A note reference production value of voice Demos:
The following demos are nominally produced to showcase the Talent Voice as a stand-alone entity. Typically they represent no more than two takes… offering a realistic representation of the talents skill set… allowing the client to accurately evaluate suitability for the project. We are assuming that the producer has the ability to creatively extrapolate what the voice would sound like in their “final mix”.

Jim’s Voice…

Solid non-regional lower register with mid and high range harmonics…Explains, Cajoles and convinces… Frequently used on Documentaries, Technical Descriptions and serious “internal messaging”… Also provides a profound “VOG” for corporate events. He has competent interview skills as well as being an accomplished master of ceremonies.

Jim Bratton New demo

Check out this You tube link to a new audio capabilities piece. Since a lot of my work is non-disclose much had to be synthesized. I think you’ll find it different than most Industrial Audio demos.

It’s placed on Youtube so I can provide some info on the tracks and the logic process for their inclusion.

It’s only abou 1 Min 40 seconds.

And the standard audio demo

 Right click here to listen 0r download 

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