The Person


Jim Bratton dreamed of becoming “the voice that explains things” early in his childhood on a Midwestern farm. Industrial films were the stand by for elementary school recess on a rainy day. The narrator’s round tones that explained industrial processes were an intriguing potential for a Missouri farm boy. Heartland pragmatism prevailed however and a degree in electrical engineering followed that led to a career in engineered sales and management.

In the mid-80s Jim left traditional industry and pursued a career as a voiceover artist. Since that time he has provided the voice for thousands of programs. His distinctive voice has convinced, cajoled, sold, motivated and informed industrial and business audiences… He has served as master of ceremonies for numerous events as well as providing pre-recorded roll-ins for conventions and trade shows. Jim also provides the voice or audio production for numerous non-profit projects.

Jim’s familiarity with industrial terms and environments provides for a knowledgeable and convincing read. Processes take on a sense of natural flow-a sense of left to right that intuitively leads listeners through a program.

Jim values his voice as a tool and treats it with respect affording consistent and repeatable reads. His digital studio has a defined acoustic environment as well as a straightforward high-quality audio chain. It allows quick auditions and complete programs if requested. Programs are typically archived for five years.

Today that Midwestern farm boy is proud to say that he has reached that dream and is… “the voice that explains things”sm

Jim Bratton -the voice that explains things- 281.804.0496 909 Texas Street Studio 912 Houston, Texas 77002