The Process

Send the Script    Direct the Read     Receive the Finished Voice Over

Our studio is located in the Historic Rice Lofts -a century old building in the heart of Downtown District…. Sessions are typically recorded in an acoustically treated double walled Whisper Room booth… Using a Neumann TLM67 or Sennheiser 416 mic through nominal processing direct to Hard drive with a non-volatile backup. Scripts are read from a monitor in the booth allowing truly “On the Fly” changes if necessary. The “Patch” is conference call based via VOIP allowing multiple content and creative participants to listen in and fine tune the read during the session.

We are proud of our Customer centric digital work flow that has evolved from the beginning of digital sound technology and welcome you to ask additional questions or drop by and see for yourself.

If after reviewing the process you’d like some customization to accommodate your work flow we’ll be glad to work with you.

First send the script. Virtually any format will do. Don’t feel like you have to reformat the content. Just send whatever you have. If it is a “huge” file please e-mail explaining the parameters and we will set up a secure upload for files of any size.

Once we are in receipt of the script we can have whatever further conversations are necessary to establish a mutually acceptable pricing structure. In most cases we can offer a finite price based on the projected size of the job. You will receive a written estimate if requested.

Once you have sent the script please e-mail or call to advise it’s coming. It is also a good idea to point out delivery requirements, requested file format and special pronunciations… (Proper names, product names etc. even special word groupings that are unique to the industry or discipline).

Want to direct the read live? No problem! Just set up an appointment for a “listen in” patch. If you want to conference someone else in-no matter where the location-let us know. It is always helpful to have a content expert listening in during the session-and since geography is not an issue-they can be anywhere. The “listen in” direction has proven to be an incredibly efficient way to produce a content intense voiceover project. There is no transportation time-no waiting around in the studio-just productively spent time on the project.

Typically last-minute script changes can be handled via e-mail-sometimes even as the project is being recorded. Scripts are rarely printed to paper-and are usually read from a recording booth monitor… On-the-fly changes can be keyboarded directly into the script during the session.

A bit more about logistics… During the session you’ll be in direct contact with the voiceover talent. So corrections, direction or changes can be handled instantly. No relaying through a producer/audio engineer. Even though the talent can hear you at all times none of your conversation makes it into the recording loop… So you don’t need to worry about minor background noises or inadvertent spontaneous conversations in your office.

You will receive the finished voiceover via ftp in your choice of file formats broken into files of your choice named in accordance with your naming convention.

For your convenience, we accept major credit cards as well as invoicing upon approval.

Jim Bratton -the voice that explains things- 281.804.0496 909 Texas Street Studio 912 Houston, Texas 77002